Onunda have developed carbon-negative wastewater management solutions for Local Authorities and Utility companies. Our solution eradicates land waste, removing microplastics and toxic forever chemicals from wastewater, and transforming it into a sustainable source of clean energy and nutrient-rich biosolids.

Whilst our origins are in Cumbria in the North of England, our ambitions are global. Onunda was established in direct response to the biosolid disposal challenges facing the Global Water Industry and was created to provide an innovative technology solution which would remove the need for any discharge to the environment from the treatment of sewage sludge.

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Collecting a water sample

The Onunda technology was created as a direct result of the concerns surrounding the natural ecosystem of Windermere, which has seen increased levels of pollution in recent years.

Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) process

Technology development began in early 2022. The design focused on combining hydrothermal carbonisation with dewatering, drying and gasification technologies to create a new, integrated process which extracts maximum value from organic waste feedstocks and eliminates the discharge of pollutants back to the environment.

A lab operative

Newcastle University’s Chemical Engineering Department completed a detailed feasibility study at the end of 2022, into “Thermochemical conversion of sewage sludge into energy and nutrients”.

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Onunda formalised as a stand-alone business in early 2023.

Leadership Team

Brian Scowcroft
Tom Samson
Neil McIntyre
James Meyer
Geoff Dallimore
Alan Thomson MBE
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The name 'Önundr,' with its Norse origins, is commonly interpreted to mean "victory of the ancestors." Following the Viking invasion of Britain in the 8th century, some sources propose that Windermere might have been referred to as 'Onundr' for a certain period, possibly in honor of the Norse King. Our origins are intricately linked with the picturesque Windermere in the Lake District, and this meaningful association is the inspiration behind our company name, 'Onunda.'