The benefits

Globally, wastewater treatment plants face challenges in managing biosolids produced from traditional biological treatment processes.

The stressed infrastructure faces increased pressures from immediate climate change impacts, causing record rainwater events that directly affect system capacity.

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Our vision

Our vision is to transform sewage sludge from a problem requiring expensive treatment and disposal into a valuable source of clean energy and nutrients with minimal environmental impact.

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Our mission

Our mission is to deploy our advanced waste treatment solution worldwide, either as a stand-alone plant or retrofitted to existing waste water treatment facilities, offering customers improved environmental performance and cost savings.  We are keen to develop new partnerships with existing players across the industry as we bring our technology to market through either traditional equipment sales/delivery contracts, new and more innovative build own operate models or alternatively as a licensing solution.

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How Onunda can address the current challenges

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Capacity for the future


An outdated sewage treatment infrastructure is causing our natural environment to become contaminated.


Onunda technology provides additional capacity to wastewater networks to boost existing treatment capabilities.

Land and water contamination


Using biosolid fertilisers in agriculture is introducing microplastics and persistent chemicals to the land, and storm overflows are contaminating freshwater habitats with raw sewage.


Onunda technology extracts and recovers nutrients and destroys the harmful micropollutants to help maintain the health and beauty of our natural environment.

Nutrient neutrality


Population growth and treatment capacity constraints are leading to the accumulation of excess nutrients, including nitrates and phosphates, in natural catchment areas.


Onunda technology extracts and recovers these valuable nutrients, expanding treatment capacity to align with urbanization and population growth.

Zero carbon


Our global dependence on burning fossil fuels for energy is accelerating climate change and leading to a loss of biodiversity within ecosystems.


Onunda technology operates without burning new fossil fuels. It extracts the energy needed to power the plant, and surplus energy from the sewage sludge feedstock.