The opportunity

Empowering a sustainable tomorrow

Onunda offers a unique next-generation solution for sewage and organic waste treatment, addressing global water industry challenges. Established in response to environmental concerns, Onunda aims to maintain the health of waterways, stimulate biodiversity, and reduce public health risks by preventing the release of pathogens, harmful chemicals, and microplastics into the natural environment.

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The sun in a cloudy sky Zero fossil fuels
a school of fish Zero discharge of forever
chemicals and microplastics
sewage treatment Zero release of
biosolids to land

A circular economy approach to environmental impact reduction

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Zero fossil fuels needed
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Produces clean energy
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Avoids biosolids discharge to land/agriculture
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Produces a nutrient-rich fertiliser
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Destroys harmful pathogens
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Removes microplastics and toxic PFAS

How it works

Transforming wastewater for a better world

Onunda offers a unique sewage and organic waste treatment solution combining hydrothermal carbonisation and gasification technologies. Our innovative approach maximises nutrient and energy recovery, serving as an alternative method for treating primary and secondary sludge or managing domestic, food and agricultural wastes. Onunda technology eliminates the need to return contaminated biosolids to land, effectively destroying harmful microplastics and forever chemicals in a robust and environmentally friendly way.

Maximising extraction of value, nutrients and energy.

HydroThermal Carbonisation (HTC)

Extraction of nutrients and
destruction of contaminants

Water Removal

Mechanical dewatering and drying


Production of clean energy
Pressure + temperature applied

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We are committed to turning waste into worth. Our investment opportunities align with our commitment of developing and implementing ground-breaking technologies to create a better world for wastewater management. We welcome investors, institutions and strategic partners to join us on this unique journey. Let’s create something revolutionary together.

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