We are transforming wastewater for a better world through our partnerships. Our industrial and education partnerships are supporting the development, innovation and excellence of our Onunda technology; including our Pilot Project with laboratory work and Onunda-specific Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) modelling.

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Newcastle University

Onunda has partnered with Newcastle University, a globally recognised and ranked institution based in the North East. We are working with Newcastle University to develop Onunda’s HTC design elements in support of the pilot project for our robust technology solution. Their Chemical Engineering team in the School of Engineering were engaged to challenge and analyse Onunda’s technology as part of our due diligence processes. The University conducted a Feasibility Study on the suitability of the design, with findings confirming the technology’s merit.

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Water industry, agriculture and food production

At Onunda, we envisage working in harmony with industry leaders to solve their existing challenges and potential future problems arising from a more demanding environmental policy framework.

By combining our unique technology with the expertise of industry practitioners and experts, we believe that the organic wastes can be valorised for the benefit of us all.