collecting a water sample from a river
15 November 2023 Type: Blog

What are ‘forever chemicals’ in water?

‘Forever chemicals’ are a group of more than 9,000 chemicals that are used in everyday products, including make-up, food packaging and fabrics, due to their water-resistant properties (BBC). 

‘Forever chemicals’ enter waterways and land when these products are washed or disposed of, and due to their strong resistance to biological and chemical degradation don’t naturally break down (National Library of Medicine), with some taking over 1,000 years to degrade (PFAs Free) . 

‘Forever chemicals’ have been found in rainwater, soil, wildlife and humans (BBC Future), and more than a third of drinking water courses tested in England and Wales contained pollutants (Manchester Metropolitan University). In high doses these chemicals have been linked to serious health concerns, including cancer and fertility issues (BBC News). They have a negative impact on our planet, our health and our wildlife. 

How can we work to reduce ‘forever chemicals’? 

Onunda's technology stops forever chemicals from re-entering the food chain by neutralising them while contained in the raw sewage or biosolids. These harmful chemicals are hydrolysed into their respective aqueous constituents so that they no longer pose a risk to human health.

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