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01 July 2024 Type: Blog

Onunda: A Sustainable Solution to the Wastewater Crisis

Onunda is committed to sustainable practices throughout the development and application of our innovative technology, placing environmental stewardship at the core of all we do.

Our green technology maximises nutrient and energy recovery, eliminating sewage sludge discharge and converting it into clean energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser. This zero-carbon process minimises environmental impact compared to traditional wastewater methods, in promotion of a circular economy. 

Our solution eradicates landfill waste, removing microplastics and hazardous chemicals from wastewater, and transforming it into a sustainable source of clean energy and nutrient-rich biosolids.

The process:

  • Reduces NOx emissions by 85% compared to incineration

  • Reduces the need for landfill by 95% (fresh weight basis)

  • Reduces CO2-equivalent footprint

  • Produces clean electricity

  • Produces fossil-free and toxin-free nutrient-rich fertiliser

  • Discharges zero harmful chemicals


Our cutting-edge technology encourages industries and communities to take steps towards environmental responsibility, addressing challenges facing wastewater treatment plants in dealing with the solids produced from traditional biological processes. It can be applied to both new and existing wastewater treatment facilities, as well as various domestic, industrial, and agricultural organic wastes, offering customers improved environmental performance and cost savings.

Are you interested in learning more about our sustainable technology solution? Get in touch to speak with the Senior Leadership team.