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17 January 2024 Type: Blog
Themes: Company news

Environmental benefits of Onunda

Onunda technology is designed to process raw sewage as an alternative to traditional wastewater treatment processes, allowing customers to increase or replace existing capacity of their existing wastewater treatment facilities with our innovative new technology.

Onunda technology can also be applied to the current sludge streams which are being sent from existing wastewater treatment facilities to land offering an innovative solution which will result in zero negative impacts to the environment, a zero-carbon solution which will turn that waste into clean electricity and nutrient-rich liquid and solid fertilisers.  

In terms of environmental credentials, Onunda provides a very compelling solution:

  1. allows for the treatment of our sewage sludge without the need for the consumption of any external energy or fossil fuels, 

  2. drastically reduces the levels of Nitrogen emissions compared to traditional methods of biosolids incineration 

  3. produces surplus clean energy to the grid (also produced without consumption of any fossil fuels)

  4. produces nutrient-rich liquid and solid fertilisers (free from microplastics, forever chemicals and pathogens and also produced without the use of any fossil fuels)

  5. avoids the need for any solid materials to be discharged to land.

  6. does not discharge any effluents into our waterways.

Learn more about the innovative Onunda technology and how it works.